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Targeting your health problems with powerful plant extracts

Herbal practice on the Black Isle

Specialising in herbal medicine and tonics tailored to your specific needs.

Targeting your health problems with powerful plant extracts

Herbal medicine offers a natural and effective approach to your health & wellbeing, aimed at treating the cause/s of your complaint and focussing on you as a whole person.

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I am a qualified Medical Herbalist with 17 years working experience. I have a degree in Herbal Medicine (5 years training) and am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, established in 1864.

What clients say…

Annette and her herbs have been a godsend. Her friendly and professional manner made me feel confident that she could help me. My hot flushes are almost gone and I’m feeling much more back in control of things!

S Gray

Annette Greenfield helped me deal with a chronic autoimmune disorder. I recovered without having to take long term steroids and avoided the associated health complications.

Moira Tweedie 

Annette Greenfield has significantly reduced my menopausal hot flushes and irritability. I felt an improvement within days. She also helped with the sleep problems I have from working constant night shifts as a charge nurse.

Irene McLean